Repayment of DVI Group's debt in the amount of 260 million US dollars

CLIENT: THE CLIENT is a large Russian bank
opponent: DVI Group


Is the debt of DVI Group in the amount of 260 million US dollars.


DVI Group carried out actions to prepare for controlled bankruptcy, as a result of which the companies affiliated to the debtor received control over the bankruptcy procedures, arbitration managers controlled by the debtor were approved. The repayment of the debt to our client has ceased to be carried out. As a result of the work carried out by the lawyers of the Bureau, transactions on the creation of artificial intra-group accounts payable were declared invalid, affiliates were excluded from the register of creditors and the register of current payments, control over the bankruptcy procedure was obtained and the debtor's property was sold on terms that meet the interests of the client.


The debt has been repaid, and the debtor's beneficiary has been brought to subsidiary liability.